Pieta by Nelia-Sol White   She Held him close, Loosely or both, In her lap, in her soul, Eyes wondering, Why?   He Was limp against her, Dead, dying, decaying, For humanity’s flaws, Face skyward, Eyes to the heavens.   They Were a monument To our sins, A reminder, A virgin and a martyr. Read more →

Journal 3 – Neptune

The Impossible Memory   Neptune   Smash, whoosh, bang. Movement, somewhere, Further and further away. So much is happening, Asteroids colliding Planets gathering pieces, A Sun gaining its light.   Methane, ammonia, hydrogen, helium Swirling and creating a Beautiful  blue hue. A pulse, a hit and the blue pushes away Away from the Sun’s warmth, Away from the terrestrials. Further… Read more →

The Doorman

The Doorman by Nelia-Sol White   I Am a fly on a wall that No one built.   I Watch them walk past me, A nod or a smile never there.   I Open the same door over and over again, Swoosh, swoosh, revolving, spinning.   I Say Good Morning, Mr. Davison! But only air passes between us.   I… Read more →

Latex – Journal 2

Concentrate on the not-usually noticed. Don’t be afraid of the odd image.   Latex by Nelia-Sol White   Unnatural, plastic, powdered Food service grade, size L Five fingers, three Not counting appendages.   My hand slides in, latex Greeting skin blandly. Powder helps it keep going, Pushing further in, Molding around the grooves.   Tug, tug, snug, snug Latex sinks… Read more →

Good Morning

Elegy Poem by Nelia-Sol White   Good Morning   A sound and you awaken, A fumble and silence returns.   Knees to chest, arms to head, Serenity hums against your veins.   You sigh, bones warm, eyes closed, Floating on a cloud of cloth and 100-count thread.   Existence and reality sit back at a distance As your toes wiggle… Read more →

Almost Child

Almost Child By: Nelia-Sol White   Sometimes I’d wake up, bleary-eyed and slightly riled, And you’d already be gone, carried away by some Childish, boisterous, unwanted hallucination. Or, perhaps, insomnia. One of those, always. Sometimes I’d be able to hear you, Moving about like a fly trying to find an exit. But I wouldn’t go near you I learned that… Read more →

Journal 5

Nelia-Sol White A phone call brings someone to the hospital and they watch a loved one die. The Machine Martha looked down, eyes narrowing as she surveyed her father. She had been awoken by a call from the hospital, telling her that her father had been in a hit and run. She had thrown on a coat and had hurried… Read more →

Journal 4

Nelia-Sol White Waiting A man is in the shower.  The phone rings.  Rather than letting the machinepick up, he jumps out, snatches his dark blue bathrobe from the hook on thebathroom door, and races downstairs, dripping.  He trips on a child’s toy, and curses, wishing he had put a phone in the bedroom. What was he thinking?He picks up the… Read more →