Journal 4

Nelia-Sol White

A man is in the shower.  The phone rings.  Rather than letting the machinepick up, he jumps out, snatches his dark blue bathrobe from the hook on thebathroom door, and races downstairs, dripping.  He trips on a child’s toy, and
curses, wishing he had put a phone in the bedroom. What was he thinking?He picks up the receiver in the middle of the fourth ringthe last one before
the machine was to pick up.  The voice on the phone says . . .

“I didn’t go.” The voice whispered into the receiver.

“Marcus? You didn’t?” Adam said and his voice echoed his excitement.

“I couldn’t. Come get me.”

“Where are you?”

“The train station.” And the call was cut dead.

Adam barely hesitated, running back up the stairs and carefully avoiding his niece’s toy that had nearly murdered him. He dried off as fast as he could, throwing on a pair of jeans and a simple t-shirt. He hurried back down the stairs, huffing and puffing as he grabbed his keys and left the house.


As he situated himself in his car, he squinted at the clock on the dashboard. The fact that it was 10:23 pm made Adam start the car and back out of the driveway.


He had met Marcus a long time ago. They had first met in 8th grade and had hit it off pretty well. They became fast friends and eventually best friends. Though, middle school had been the time of physical and…mental growth and Adam had started to discover that he wanted to be more than friends with his best friend.


He had hid it well until their senior year of high school. Somehow he couldn’t contain it anymore and he had blurted out his feelings point blank to Marcus. The man had, obviously, been surprised. He hadn’t of expected his best friend to be gay and Adam had later found out that Marcus had been upset about the fact that he had never noticed and the fact that Adam had never told him. So, after a moment of complete and utter shock, his friend had taken it in stride.


He neither rebuffed him nor voiced any mutual feeling and this strange dance continued even after they had graduated. However, Marcus had finally told him that he loved him back the same day he had told him that he was leaving for college in another state. Adam had been furious and saddened at the same time. He tried to convince Marcus to stay but nothing would change his mind. It had made Adam wonder if Marcus really did love him back or if he said that as some cruel joke.


But he knew that Marcus wasn’t like that. Or at least he hoped that he wasn’t. But how could he be sure? Does someone truly ever know a person? You think you know a person and then they spring something unexpected at you. Or the person you knew had been a farce and there was someone else entirely in your best friend’s shoes. He could get entirely philosophical about this at the flick of a switch.


But, as Adam drove into the train station’s parking lot, he knew he was just being paranoid. He found Marcus standing by one of the platforms, two suitcases at his feet and a frown at his lips. He looked up the moment Adam got out of the car. His face split into a beautiful grin and Adam couldn’t help but return it.


All that waiting had paid off.

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  1. Warren Rochelle
    September 29, 2015 at 1:35 pm

    Happily ever after?

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