Journal 5

Nelia-Sol White

A phone call brings someone to the hospital and they watch a loved one die.

The Machine

Martha looked down, eyes narrowing as she surveyed her father. She had been awoken by a call from the hospital, telling her that her father had been in a hit and run. She had thrown on a coat and had hurried as fast as she could to his side. Slow traffic and every obstacle imaginable had been in her way but she had made it. Though, it wasn’t to diligently stay by his side. She hadn’t been rushing because she cared. And she hadn’t of come to listen to an apology.


She came to watch him die.


Her lips quirked upward slightly but she schooled her features before the doctor noticed. She enjoyed the sight of her father right now. He was broken, bruised and beaten. A tube had been shoved down his throat to help him breath and every machine in existence was tied to him and his vitals. According to one of them, his heart was beating steadily though it would shift every now and again.


He had been driving home after he was called into the office suddenly. Then, he was t-boned by another car, crushing his ribs instantly. It had been a miracle that he had lived but right now he barely was existing at all. His chest was rising and falling so slowly that it appeared as if he wasn’t breathing at all. However, the tube in his throat was being continuously pumped into by yet another helpful machine.


However, one in particular she had been given free reign over. It was connected to his life support. The doctor had explicitly told her that her father wouldn’t last till morning. He had given her control of his life support so that she would be able to decide whether to end it now or later.


But she was still waiting.


Her brother had told her to wait for him and wait she would. She thoroughly enjoyed the sight of her father weakened and catatonic. It barely compared to what he had done to them throughout their lives.


“I’m here! I’m here.” Matthew wheezed as he burst into the room.


“Mr. Davenport, I pressure?” the doctor asked.


“Yes.” He said, sharing a glance with his sister.


The doctor quickly filled him in on the situation, gesturing towards their father’s life support. He gave them both gentle pats on the shoulder before leaving to give them some privacy. Once he was gone, the forlorn look on Matthew’s face dissolved. Martha smirked as she bumped his arm and he gazed down at their father with devilish glee.


“I didn’t know you were going to do it tonight.” Martha said.


“You said I was taking too long so I just went out and just did it. Wrecked my damn car though,” he sighed.


“You were supposed to kill him.”


“That was the intention.”


“But this is more fun.” She laughed quietly.


“Now we get to do it personally.”


Martha grinned at her twin brother before stepping towards their father’s life support. She touched a finger to the switch, hand trembling in anticipation.


“For everything you’ve done to us, father,” she whispered.


“Cheers,” Matthew said.


She flicked the switch and they both watched as their father’s vitals flat lined, two wide smiles on their faces.

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    Cold, very cold.

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