Latex – Journal 2

Concentrate on the not-usually noticed. Don’t be afraid of the odd image.


Latex by Nelia-Sol White


Unnatural, plastic, powdered

Food service grade, size L

Five fingers, three

Not counting appendages.


My hand slides in, latex

Greeting skin blandly.

Powder helps it keep going,

Pushing further in,

Molding around the grooves.


Tug, tug, snug, snug

Latex sinks around my

Knuckles and indents.

Smooth and sterile,

Ready to serve.

  1 comment for “Latex – Journal 2

  1. emilys
    November 5, 2015 at 10:26 pm

    I really like the strong imagery present in this poem. You are definetly not afraid of the odd image. Your word choice works well, and it makes the reader feel slightly uncomfortable about rubber gloves. I also like your last line. It gives a nice definite ending to your poem.

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