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Journal 3 – Neptune

The Impossible Memory   Neptune   Smash, whoosh, bang. Movement, somewhere, Further and further away. So much is happening, Asteroids colliding Planets gathering pieces, A Sun gaining its light.   Methane, ammonia, hydrogen, helium Swirling and creating a Beautiful  blue hue. A pulse, a hit and the blue pushes away Away from the Sun’s warmth, Away from the terrestrials. Further… Read more →

Journal 3

Nelia-Sol White Go outside and take in the scenery. Go somewhere else and write what happened there.   The Tree “I’m gonna do it.” Marcus said defiantly as he moved down the steps of the amphitheater.   “What? No, you’re not. She told you to go run into a tree. I think that meant ‘stop talking to me’.” I replied… Read more →