Journal 3

Nelia-Sol White Go outside and take in the scenery. Go somewhere else and write what happened there.   The Tree “I’m gonna do it.” Marcus said defiantly as he moved down the steps of the amphitheater.   “What? No, you’re not. She told you to go run into a tree. I think that meant ‘stop talking to me’.” I replied… Read more →

Journal 2

Burroway, Warm Up page 94 Nelia-Sol White   A Smile A smile was all my daughter needed to see. Not even the slightest downward indentation would be allowed. A smile was all little Abigail needed to see.  She didn’t need to know that this smile was false, that this smile was a lie. She couldn’t see the strain, the forcefulness… Read more →

Journal 1

Try This 1.4 Nelia-Sol White   Ace of Hearts by Zella Day I was in love. That was as simple as I could make it. Yet, nothing could ever be that simple. I was in love and he loved me and the entire world was still spinning and yet it could never be that simple. We loved each other, yes.… Read more →